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Weed Star World

There's a reason that thousands of smokers around the world choose Weed Star bongs as their smoking device of choice. Weed Star makes a collection of hugh quality yet affordable glass bongs in many different styles, colors and sizes.

Top Bongs

Here's some of the most popular weed star bongs that can be found for sale online:

Weed Star Bazooka Weed Star Bazooka Bong

The Weed Star is big and packs a mega punch. Experience the power of this huge bong with 4.2mm thick glass for extra strength that stands at an impressive 50cm tall.

If you're tired of smoking out of the same old bongs why not try the bazooka today.

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Messias Illusion Messias Illusion Bong

If your in the market for a percolator bong that simply rocks than check out the Messias Illusion bong from Weed Star. It's got a single tree percolator as well as ice notches to keep your smoke cool.

It's 5mm thick glass keeps it tough and visually this bong is insanely gorgeous.

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Slim Jim Weed Star Slim Jim

The Slim-Jim 2.0 waterpipe packs one hell of a punch! Each bowl will hit you in the face!

This bong has 3.2mm thick glass, is 50cm tall and 40mm wide in diameter. A great all round bong with an extremely low price tag!

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Can't find what you're looking for? Be sure to take a look at the full range of Weed Star glass bongs and double bubblers to see all the awesome bongs for sale.

If you're after accessories we've also got heaps on offer with everything including diffusers and precoolers all at very affordable prices. Also, for those looking for the Epic Precooler - we've got that too!